FREDERICKSBURG, Va., 02/14/2023 – Riphean, a growth management firm headquartered in Fredericksburg, Va. announced its support for Senate Bill 1453 for Automated External Defibrillators (AED) today. The company stated that their team, in support of their nonprofit of choice Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation, fully supports Bill 1453 and urged the subcommittee, full committee and Senate body to vote in approval of the bill.

Senate Bill 1453 is an amendment to ‘Gwyneth’s Law’ a law passed in 2013 that required AED placements in Virginia high schools. The bill would be an extension to ‘Gwyneth’s Law’ and require each local school board to develop a plan for the placement, care and use of an AED in every public elementary and secondary school in the Commonwealth.

Riphean Founder and CEO Joel Griffin was in Richmond to support Senator Jeremy McPike, the sponsor of the bill. As one of the champions of the original ‘Gwyneth’s Law’ and through the founding of Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation, Griffin has been pushing for AED placements and training across the state of Virginia since 2013.

“I strongly urge the Senate of Virginia vote to pass Bill 1453 for Automated External Defibrillators,” stated Griffin. “It will result in greater security for our children in schools and reassure parents that their child’s safety remains the priority for this elected body.”

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