FREDERICKSBURG, Va., May 25, 2023 – Riphean Investments, a sector-focused private equity firm headquartered in the VA-DC corridor, proudly attended the Inaugural CrossXRoads Golf Classic and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony hosted by the Cyber Bytes Foundation. This historic event took place on May 19th, 2023, at the Forest Green Golf Course, marking the launch of the CrossXRoads program and the Center for Military and Veteran Reintegration (CMVR) in the middle Virginia region. Riphean Founder and President, Joel Griffin, delivered a keynote speech, and was joined in attendance at the event by Brian DeMuth, Partner, and Victor Fuster, Vice President of Operations from Riphean Investments.

The CrossXRoads program aims to provide essential resources and support to service members, veterans, first responders, underrepresented communities, and their dependents within the growing community. By establishing a united service delivery network, the program creates a collaborative ecosystem that fosters positive change and promotes equity among participants and the surrounding communities.

Joel Griffin expressed his enthusiasm for the work of the Cyber Bytes Foundation and the meaningful impact of the CrossXRoads program, stating, “At Riphean Investments, we are dedicated to supporting initiatives that drive positive change in our community. The CrossXRoads program aligns perfectly with our core values as it offers vital support to military veterans, first responders, and underrepresented communities. We are honored to be a part of this inaugural event and commend the Cyber Bytes Foundation for their unwavering commitment to those who protect our country.”

Victor Fuster highlighted the significance of Riphean Investments’ participation in the CrossXRoads Golf Classic, stating, “Participating in this event and supporting the launch of the CrossXRoads program presented a tremendous opportunity for Riphean Investments. We deeply understand the importance of empowering transitioning military personnel, veterans, and their families as they navigate their path beyond their service. By supporting the Cyber Bytes Foundation in this impactful initiative, we can contribute to their successful reintegration into civilian life and foster positive growth in our community.”

For more information about the CrossXRoads program and other initiatives led by the Cyber Bytes Foundation, please visit their official website at